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As you have arrived at this page it would seem that the site was not as easy to use as we had planned and for that we apologise.


To the left you will see the basic menu options. Some pages with have additional related topics and so when you select one of these the related child page links will be shown indented slightly from their parent page so that you can burrow down the menu to access the area of interest.

Some link will take you away from this site and where this is the case additional details will be shown on the button before you click to help you decide if that is what you need before committing to the link.

All external links are regularly checked to ensure they are still active, so, hopefully they will work when you need them. If not email and tell us what went wrong.

All links on the right relate to member sections. The log in and items for sale are viewable in part to anyone but only those who have logged in can view who is selling the item. Once logged in additional navigation will appear on the right to help members navigate the private areas of the site and some new links will be available from time to time on the left if information has been added to the site but classified as private.

Private areas

Anyone can view the basic pages within the site but only logged in group members can see selective private data. One such example is with the articles for sale. Anyone can view the listing but only logged in members can see who is selling the item together with that members preferred means of contact.

Logged in members can also contribute to the site content by clicking links on the right side menu you can add pages, news and events, or simple add a comment to an existing section.

Links will also be available to members relating to pairings. This will differ for car and bike, observer and associate and so if you are an existing car observer and bike associate than you will see links to each, but if you are only one of these then the appropriate link is all that will be shown.

Logging in

To log in simple enter your Surname into the log in box towards the top right of the screen together with your IAM number. If you do not know your IAM number then please refer to your Group Membership Card or your IAM Membership card.

When you have successfully logged in the usual log in section is replaced with a log out button and a new link will appear on the top menu bar labeled "Members Area".

Logging off

If you leave your browser on but do nothing else you will automatically be logged off after about 20 minutes of inactivity. If you close your browser you will be logged off immediately. If you want to manually log off then click the log off button towards the top right of this page.

More to follow

If you require specific assistance email and tell what you would like to see in this help section and more will be added.

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