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These riders at the British Superbike race at Knockhill were all happy to support our RideScotFree program. If you'd like to see what all the fuss is about pop along to either our Wednesday night or Saturday morning sessions. If you can't make it along or live outwith the Glasgow area just click on the external link to the left to register and your local group will be in contact with you to arrange your free assessment. What have you got to lose?


Vacancies currently exist

All you need to do is turn up on a Wednesday Evening or Saturday Morning and we will give you a free assessment (a saving of £30) on your riding sklls. Thereafter if you wish to continue with us you must purchase an Advanced Rider Course from IAM RoadSmart (currently £149)* and a contribution of £5 towards the Observers fuel costs for each observed run.

*Please see our home page for the latest offer avalable.

On Wednesdays the Bike section meet in the West End in a Car Park by McDonald's Crow Road Glasgow between the second Wednesday in April until the First Wednesday in September and gather at 6:15pm.

Our alternative venue gathers on Saturday Morinings between the first Saturday in April and continues until the second Saturday in November. Gather at Robroyston Retail Park in the parking area between Asda and Homebase for 9:15 am

Make sure you study the relevant chapter(s) of the Advanced Rider Course Logbook, The Highway Code and Know Your TRAFFIC SIGNS before each of your observed runs.

Motorcycle Observed Runs

On all runs each member is responsible for his/her own riding and vehicles should be roadworthy and legal. If fuel is required always inform your appointed observer or if a group run the leader of your group before setting off.

Wednesday Evenings

From 2nd Wednesday in April until the 1st Wednesday in September the group meet at Crow Road Retail Park which is situated at the south end of Crow Road near to the junction with Dumbarton Road  Partick. We gather around 6:15pm and begin to take a register of attendees about 6:30pm. All riders report to whoever is carrying out the task of ‘registrar’ on arrival. If you are unsure simply ask any of the bikers in attendance who that person is and they will assist. The registrar will check you ‘off’ on the group register and shortly after allocate associates to observer and inform of the evening’s destination.

The observer will ask the associate what they need to address and plan a route. The destination is always within the greater Glasgow area but a circuitous route is taken between leaving Crow Road and arriving at the destination to ensure that the roads covered best meet the associate’s needs.

At a midway point the observer will provide the associate with some feedback on their riding and offer advice on the Advanced Rider Course Logbook (one of our helpful advanced motorcycling manuals) to highlight what needs to be addressed.

Expect a run with some stops covering 30 – 80 miles, then after a chat and a hot drink, you make your own way home. Remember – if you are unsure of the best route home – ASK.

Associate members being given advice by an observer are asked to donate £5 to him/her towards their petrol costs on each occasion.

N.B. We intend to have everyone on the road by 6:45 but if you are going to be late please contact any of the committee who will organise a number of observers to wait behind. Contact numbers are on your Membership Card or Click Here .

Saturday Mornings

From Saturday the 6th of April 2019 until the second Saturday in November the group meet at the McDonald's Car Park, Robroyston, just off the Stepps bypass. We gather early and complete the register at 9:30 am. This follows a similar format to the Wednesday evenings, but will always finish in and around the Bishopbriggs area.

Members and Associate Members are welcome to attend both Wednesday and Saturday sessions.

Monthly Run

In addition to the regular Saturday format we also have a longer trip on the second Saturday of every month . Those wishing to venture a little further afield can do so.

The monthly run usually departs by 10:00 am and is a wonderful opportunity to go on longer runs in groups of about 6 bikes. This helps riders improve group riding skills which many riders never get the chance to develop. To make these runs fun for all, a leader and back rider are allocated with like-minded riders so that nobody gets lost or left behind (when lights go to green). Discussion of the run is encouraged by all so that the outing is instructional and progressive. Please turn up with a full tank of petrol and expect to cover around 150-200 miles over the day. If you are unable to attend the 'full day's ride' – then inform your group that you will only be participating for a specific length of time. You are free to leave the group, and make your own way home at any time. Normally, there are 2-3 stops for coffee/lunch and we will occasionally use a ferry within the route but this will be mentioned before leaving Glasgow. Members are responsible for their own vehicles and costs.

N.B. Only members who are current in both Local and National subscriptions are eligible to participate in group rides.


Winter Season

We continue to run through the winter with an altered timetable, we meet every second Saturday at a slightly later time to allow weather and road conditions to be accessed and for the website traffic light system to be updated. Date and time of the next run can be found during the winter season by clicking on the Event tab at the top right of the page or by clicking here (traffic light system only shows during the winter season). Make sure to come along and hone your skills, riding during the winter season not only makes you a smoother rider it also stops your current skills getting rusty which can boost your confidence and enjoyment in less then perfect conditions.



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