Glasgow North Group Institute of Advanced Drivers


(Thereinafter referred to as the IAM)

CONSTITUTION OF THE GLASGOW NORTH GROUP (as amended and approved at the 2009 AGM)

  1.  The name and conditions of the Group are as follows:
    1. the name of the Group will be Glasgow North Group of Advanced Motorists;
    2. Group Full Members must be current Members of the IAM;
    3. a Member of the IAM on completion of a Group Application Form and on payment of the Group subscription will not be refused admission to the Group except in the circumstances of a prospective Member having been previously expelled from the Group;
    4. d) rights membership of another Group will automatically entitle the holder to attend Glasgow North Group activities, but will not have any voting; (delete 1d)
    5. membership of the Group does not authorize any representation which would involve the IAM or the Group in any liability whatsoever;
    6. the financial year of the Group will end on 31 July, and all subsequent subscriptions will become due not later than 1 January;
    7. the annual subscriptions for Group Full Members and Associates will be set at the AGM.
  2. The Objects of the group are as follows:
    1. to implement the objects for which the IAM was formed, namely the improvement of the standard of driving, and the advancement of road safety;
    2. to organize social and un-timed competitive events for Members;
    3. to publicise the IAM and its work throughout the area;
    4. to encourage motorists to become Members of the IAM.
  3. The management of the Group will be undertaken by a Committee formed as follows:
    1. the Group Committee must consist of fully paid up Group Full Members who are current Members of the IAM.  It shall consist of Officers (a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and a Vice Chairperson, and a minimum of three other Group Members all duly elected at an AGM.  The total number of the Group Committee Members shall not exceed 15;
    2. a quorum of the Committee will be one-third of all Committee Members or three, whichever is the greater;
    3. all Officers and one-third of the remainder of the Group Committee Members must retire annually by rotation, and may offer themselves for re-election by Group Full Members at the AGM held each year.  Nominations for Officers and Committee Members must be submitted in writing to the Secretary a minimum of 7 days before the AGM.  A nomination will be considered if the nominee is a Full Member of the Group and one other Group Full Member supports the nomination.  The nomination must have the signed approval of the nominee. 
    4. the Annual General Meeting will be held in October each year, and a minimum of 21 day’s notice but not more than 60 day’s notice shall be given in writing to the Members;
    5. a quorum for a General Meeting will be six Group Full Members or one-tenth of the total number of Group Full Members, whichever is the greater;
    6. the Chairperson will have a casting vote;
    7. an Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at any time by the Committee to deal with any items deemed by the Committee to be special business.  At least 21 day’s but not more than 60 day’s notice stating the business to be discussed, shall be given in writing to Group Full Members;
    8. Group Full Members also have the right to call an EGM.  The matters for discussion must be put in writing, stating the business to be considered and signed by at least 20 Group Full Members or five percent of the total number of Group Full Members, whichever is the greater, and forwarded to the Group Secretary who will call an EGM within 36 days.  The notice from the Group Secretary to the Group Full Members shall be in writing giving a minimum of 7 day’s notice, and state the business to be discussed;
    9. The IAM Council reserves the right to appoint a senior representative of the IAM to the Committee, authorized to attend Group Committee Meetings (without voting rights).
  4. The duties and responsibilities of the Committee are as follows:
    1. to observe the objects for which the IAM was formed;
    2. to foster and maintain interest in the IAM among Members;
    3. to keep minutes of Meetings;
    4. to keep proper records of receipts and payments, assets and liabilities and to submit examined financial statements to the Group Members annually;
    5. to advise the Council of any suggestions or ideas put forward by Members of the Group;
    6. to ensure that the good name of the IAM is maintained and is not brought into disrepute by the conduct of any Member;
    7. to refer to the Council for guidance in the event of any difficulties which may arise;
    8. to call Ordinary Meetings of the Committee at least once every three months;
    9. to make arrangements for social and untimed competitive events;
    10. to abide by Group rules and regulations, and such other rules and regulations as may be made by the Group from time to time, provided such rules are approved by the Council, such approval being not unreasonably withheld by the Council.  To abide also by any further rules and regulations issued by the Council after discussion with representatives of the Group at an Annual General Meeting;
    11. to endeavour to prevent the IAM’s badge or a reasonable facsimile for being reproduced without the consent of the Council, and to report to the Council any such reproduction;
    12. ;to co-operate generally with the Council in all matters;
    13. to expel a Member from the Group if
    14. the Member’s membership of the IAM ceases, or
      the Member’s conduct is inconsistent with the aims of the IAM and/or those of the Group;
    15. in the event of the Group winding up, to hand to the Council of the IAM any surplus assets or monies for disposal as the Council may think fit;
    16. to assist the Council in all local matters concerning publicity, road safety and social events;
    17. to decide the Honoraria to be paid to Group Office Bearers, as agreed at the Extraordinary Meeting of the Committee on 5 September 2002.
  5. Honorary Members
    1. An Honorary Member may not be appointed to the Group where such a person is not a Member of the IAM, with the exception of the office of President.  Such an Honorary member could not however describe himself/herself as being a Member of the Group, and would have no voting rights.
  6. Group Associates
    1. The Group Committee may accept persons who have purchased a Skill for Life and who are desirous of becoming group members as Group Associates on such financial terms as the Group Committee may decide.  Such Group Associates may continue in this status for a period of one year only, during which time the candidate must be accepted into Full IAM Membership.  If the Group permits the Associate to continue preparation for the Advanced Test beyond one year the individual pay an Associate Membership subscription to the IAM and a Group Associate subscription for each subsequent year.  Group Associates are entitled to join in Group events but have no voting rights.
  7. Group Friends
    1. The Group Committee may accept persons who do not intend taking the Institute’s test who are nevertheless interested in the work of the Group as Group Friends on such financial terms as the Committee may decide.  Group Friends will have no voting rights, but they will be entitled to attend Group events and may assist the Group in any way which is approved by the Group Committee.

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