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Welcome to the Glasgow North Group of Advanced Motorists. The Group, founded in 1978, is affiliated to IAM RoadSmart in London. IAM RoadSmart, which was formed in 1956 is a charitable organisation founded by motorists with one common aim: to improve driving standards in the cause of road safety.

Too many drivers are only too quick to blame each other, or road conditions, etc for the cause of a near or actual accident. Accidents don’t just happen – they are caused and in over 90 % of instances the cause is human error. IAM RoadSmart and its affiliated Groups include many volunteers who are amongst the safest drivers in Britain. These knowledgeable motorists are available to you as an Associate Member of our Group to assist you to improve your driving.

As an Associate Member of our Group you will have the opportunity to attend a course on advanced driving that includes demonstration drives and assessed drives with one of our Observers who will suggest improvements for a safer, more systematic, smoother and progressive drive. Once a suitable standard is reached you will be ready to take the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Test.

Who are the Observers? Like all groups, Glasgow North Group has its own Observers who are full Members of IAM RoadSmart. They are volunteers who have undergone training and further testing for their role of helping you to improve your driving skills and to pass the Advanced Test.

The Advanced Driving Test itself is not difficult, but trying to lose those old, bad habits could be! The Advanced Test lasts approximately 1½ hours and includes driving on town, country and motorway routes and carrying out some manoeuvres. Your examiner, an ex- or serving Police Traffic Officer, will take special note of your compliance with the law, e.g. speed limits, carriageway markings, etc, the smoothness of your handling of your vehicle, and your ability to make progress with the accent of safety.

Why not help to play your part in making our roads safer for ourselves and our children? Remember, no one is a perfect driver, but why not try to improve the ability you have? This can be achieved relatively cheaply and as well as becoming a better and safer driver you will also get more enjoyment from your driving!

For further information contact our Group Secretary, Moray Finlay email at

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